S91 – Across The Sacred Path (2019)

S91 is an Italian Christian Metal band that plays a mix of Symphonic, Prog and Power Metal featuring both male and female lead vocalists. “Along The Sacred Path” contains songs with interesting instrumental Prog sections (“John Williams”, “Dietrich Bonhoeffer”), as well as familiar female-led symphonic interludes and choruses (“Pope Gregory I”, “Martin Luther”). Here’s a description of the album by the band itself:

The main goal is to show how the Gospel message has spread in its original form, becoming the fabric of modern Western society. Scrolling through the track listing, you will see that all the characters are of European origin. This album is also a tribute to the great nation of EUROPE. As proud citizens, we feel it is a nation that today, more than ever, needs to recognize and rediscover its founding values if it wants to survive in these dark times and continue to be a beacon of civilization for the whole world.


Rapheumets Well – Enders Door (2017)

RAPHEUMETS WELL is a Canadian Sci-Fi Metal band whose lyrical themes cover the multiverse, space empires and inter-dimensional travel. “Enders Door” is the third installment of a science fantasy opera trilogy which combines Extreme Metal with cinematic orchestration to create a grandiose cosmic sound!

Inspired by the fictitious universe of Sovael, RAPHEUMETS WELL is the name coined to the conscious deity who oversees the anastomosis of the multiverse, the master of portals and inter-dimensional travel. 

Rapheumets Well

Stream it via Bandcamp here, here’s a preview:

Brood of Hatred – Identity Disorder (2018)

BROOD OF HATRED is a Tunisian one-man Progressive Death Metal concept by Muhammed Mêlki, which was featured back in 2013 in our promotion of Metality – The Compilation (Volume 3: Global Waves Of Destruction). His sophomore 2018 album “Identity Disorder” received high praise from the international Metal community. The music itself takes the listener on an intense journey inside the modern Death Metal realm with its dissonant chords, melancholic melodies, and extensive arsenal of crushing guitar riffs and technical drum styles.

You can stream it on Bandcamp and Youtube: