LILI REFRAIN is an Italian multi-instrumentalist that uses electric guitar, synth, loops, percussion and vocals to create music sessions without pre-recorded tracks. Her live session “ULU” showcases her talents in sustaining a ritual-like mood that is recommended for fans of World music, Melodic Metal, Psychedelia, and Dark Folk!

Turkey’s HAYVANLAR ALEMI plays rich and fresh instrumental music with droning and psychedelia elements. Their album “Psychedelia In Times Of Turbulence” brings expansive tunes encompassing slow “droned-out” fuzzy energies as well as rich melodic layers. Recommended for fans of Stoner, Improvisation, Doom, and Sludge.

Italian duo ZOLLE are not your typical Rock guitarist drummer duos – the band name even translates to “mess”. Their music is energetic and full of different tones, but first and foremost it’s heavy and full of dissonance and “wrong turns” that would interest Prog fans. “Macello” is their 4th album and it is mostly instrumental but full of surprises!