L’Ira Del Baccano – Paradox Hourglass (2017)

L’IRA DEL BACCANO is an Italian Prog Rock band whose instrumental music is influenced by The Grateful Dead, Rush and Black Sabbath. With a 10-minute average song length, “Paradox Hourglass” is definitely recommended for music fans looking for that “extended jam” listening experience. Every song flows from groovy chill vibes to explosive fast parts, as the experienced musicians showcase their technical prowess and knowledge both in Prog Rock and Heavy Metal.

Essence Of Datum – Nevermore (2017)

ESSENCE OF DATUM is an Instrumental Progressive Metal band from Belarus. Their album “Nevermore” contains stunningly crafted music from the main trio as well as the guest musicians (saxophone and percussion). Adding to the album’s gem status, it is currently available on Bandcamp as name your price. Have a listen:

Deity – Deity (2017)

DEITY is a Death Metal band from Canada whose influences range from Thrash, Death and Black Metal with bands such as Death, Immortal, Suffocation and Slayer. Their self-titled debut is relentless, aggressive and raw from start to finish, with technical riffing and drumming at its core. Its fast paced technicality and brutal execution is reminiscent of Obscura, with melodic songwriting inspired by Death’s prog years. Stream it on Soundcloud or Bandcamp: