Nightland – Obsession (2017)

NIGHTLAND is an Italian Symphonic Death Metal band inspired by European Viking/Folk Metal bands. Their music combines scream and growl voices with epic choirs, with an Extreme Metal sound that mixes Gothic, Black and Folk Metal. Their first full length album “Obsession” is packed with aggressive riffs and epic orchestral soundscapes!

Statue Of Demur – Alien Pacific (2017)

STATUE OF DEMUR is a Canadian Metal band that mixes Technical Metal with Death and Groove Metal. “Alien Pacific” makes for a highly enjoyable listen, with a variety of guitar riffs ranging from Heavy/Thrash/Death and Groove. You can stream it on Bandcamp below or here:

Veins – Innocence (2017)

VEINS is an Italian Thrash / Death Metal band whose modern technical sound is recommended for fans of Gojira, Meshuggah and Lamb of God. Their debut album “Innocence” is inspired by turmoil in the Middle East. You can stream it on Spotify below or here: