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Here are 5 underrated Metal bands out there today (statistics taken from

  • Giant Squid

Giant Squid has just 2 full length albums over a 10+ years period, but they have formed a loyal following for what is comically referred to as “whalecore”. They are one of those love/hate bands because their sound is heavy and complex, characterized by the use of instruments like violin, flute and trumpet alongside an overall Sludge Metal approach. They only have 32 263 listeners on with an average 23 listens / listener, which is so underrated compared to Post Metal / Sludge band Isis who has almost 400 000 listeners on stats: 721,433 plays (32,263 listeners)

  • Cire

Cire is a great project by Eric Johanson who can be described as a lesser known Steven Wilson. Even though he has 50 000 listeners on, Eric’s home/studio were completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, making things more difficult for this talented musician. Cire has 3 full length albums in a span of 4 years, the latest of which was in 2007. stats: 781,094 plays (57,128 listeners)

  • Polkadot Cadaver

A modern day Freak band with fun artwork, great musicianship and a tendency to play a variety of music styles in one song, Check out our overview of the band! stats: 684,133 plays (23,902 listeners)

  • Von Hertzen Brothers

Me and fellow LebMetal editor Rami Rouhana watched Von Hertzen Brothers live in Istanbul as they opened for Pain of Salvation (check our review of that event). They have an absolutely killer stage performance and their sound is both technically heavy and musically rich. They have almost 40 000 listeners on, which is nothing compared to Dream Theater’s 900 000 listeners – hence our never-ending quest to slowly boost their popularity along other amazing bands out there. Check out our review of their latest album ‘Nine Lives’. stats: 1,268,152 plays (39,235 listeners)

  • The Cliks

The Cliks is one of those bands that is just ear-friendly and easy to love. They are an all girl Rock band with good musicianship and memorable songwriting. Although they come from Canada and are mostly known in the U.S, they haven’t yet reached that international stature of other Rock bands who are not necessarily playing better music. stats: 703,174 plays (61,520 listeners)

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