Rising from the ashes of Experimental/Avant-garde band Dog Fashion Disco, vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Todd Smith, guitarist Jasan Stepp and drummer John Ensminger went on to form Polkadot Cadaver, a band which follows a musical direction similar to bands like DFD, Fantômas, Shaolin Death Squad and Akphaezya. If you aren’t familiar with any of these bands, it’s time to pull out your searching skills and get on to it. Us here at LebMetal have several articles tagged under Experimental and Avant-Garde so feel free to check them out.


Polkadot Cadaver have released two albums to date with Rotten Records, with the most recent one being “Sex Offender” in May 2011. Their musical style incorporates several genres like (but not limited to) Circus, Polka, Metal, Lounge and Ska, hence ultimately falling under the Experimental and Avant-Garde genre, a path most common with artists like Mike Patton (Todd Smith’s vocals often compared to Patton’s wide range of styles).

As to the lyrical themes, expect weird themes of violence, serial killers, Satan doing tango in a blue dress and other similarly twisted topics. The amount of ‘freaky’ put into their music is only matched by the different moods that alternate in a single song, and to be able to accomplish that while keeping the song fresh and catchy is a testament to out-of-the-box composing and great creativity. A good example of that is “Pure Bedlam for Half Breeds” from their debut album “Purgatory Dance Party”:

I also recommend listening to the songs “Phantom Limb” and “Bloodsucker”, and in case you’re still not hooked after that, then maybe Experimental/Avant-Garde is not your preferred style… yet.


Check out the great merchandise deals on the band’s Myspace below and visit their last.fm page to have a look at related bands.

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