After their successful European tour with Pain of Salvation in 2011 (we were there!), Finnish band Von Hertzen Brothers were clearly destined for stardom, at least in the eyes of Prog Rock fans worldwide. In fact, they have been around for more than a decade, as “Nine Lives” is their 5th studio album, with their first released back in 2001. Although reaching international fame took them some time, they are already huge in their homeland; 3 of their 5 albums are certified Gold in Finland with their 2nd album “Approach” named winner of the Finnish Grammy Best Rock Album of the year in 2006.

I’ll start you off with a quick teaser for “Nine Leaves”:

“Nine Lives” was released in March 2013 and is already a strong contender for Album of The Year along with other Prog gems like Steven Wilson’s “The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)” and Riverside’s “Shrine Of New Generation Slaves”. With 3 bonus tracks and 1 full hour of material, these 3 brothers have covered a wide spectrum of feelings, all coming Von Hertzen (meaning “from the heart”), with the music staying true to the meaning of Progressive.

Expect masterful musicianship, calm nostalgic songs like “Seperate Forever” and “World Without” and other more raw 70’s Prog Rock songs like “Do What You Want With Me” and “Lost in Time”. My personal favorites on this release are “One May Never Know” and the single “Flowers And Rust”.


Here’s the official video for “Flowers and Rust”:

The great thing about Von Hertzen Brothers is their unique blend of old and new; they have that 70’s Prog Rock feel but they also match the energy of the most modern Rock bands. Their live shows reflect great passion for their music, whether playing serene passages with a delicate sense of harmony and feelings, or exploding into energetic riffs with odd-time signatures and Blues/Sludge Rock-like heaviness.

Here’s another preview of the album, the amazing “One May Never Know”:

Von Hertzen Brothers’ “Nine Lives” is one of the best releases this year so far; it’s a well balanced album with creative composing and catchy songs, and it leaves a strong impression with its memorable melodies and fresh material. These Finnish brothers are carving their way into the hearts of Rock music fans worldwide, one masterpiece at a time!

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