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In this auto-ethnographic investigation, Rehla magazine documents a set of subcultural practices and urban rituals held by underground #metal and #punk music bands and #skating groups in #Beirut between 2005 and 2019, as a means of resistance against conformity and coercion.

The investigation involves short narrative texts (vignettes) and sound bites of geolocated situations lived by the community members during that period. This evocative auto-ethnography provides a unique perspective on a decade of changes from the lens of young, urban nomads who did not feel they belonged to the city nor its social fabric, yet were shaped by it along the way.

Lead researcher: Lynn Osman

Producer: Haramoun Hamieh

Designer: Francois Douaihy

Web Development: Milad Douaihy

Copy editing: Elianne El-Amyouni

And Featuring Mhamad Safa

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Mhamad Safa from War Metal band ‘Damaar’ remembers the dysfunctional adolescents calling for the destruction of the city – Read HERE.