This is the second part of the Bandcamp Discoveries series. Follow up on all articles tagged with Bandcamp:

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Love the raw energy right here, the album goes from old Mastodon-like sludge to noisy Hardcore-Punk and the relentlessness of Thrash Metal.

I’m plugging this band yet again! Fun album overall by this German band, check out my full review here:

I wrote a small summary note after hearing this album as a reminder before writing this article: “Criminally good”. It’s for fans of Jazz Metal and Avant-Garde, therefore will forever remain in the undergrounds of Metal.

What a sick album that’s refreshing to hear and is truly Prog. All kinds of moods on this one, and the total running time is less than 30 minutes, so check it out and enjoy the ride!

Well this one definitely focuses on the overall album mood / musical journey, as soundtrack-like parts interweave with Experimental Prog sections, but most vivid is the Shoegaze / Post Metal atmosphere.

That’s it for part II, do share your own discoveries in the comments and stay tuned for more of my own!