Nowadays, media streaming is becoming an essential part of the music industry. Bands treat fans and new listeners alike with a free song preview of an upcoming release, and later on offer digital downloads as an alternative to buying CDs. Services like Myspace, Facebook, Spotify, Grooveshark, and have taken band promotion to the next level, but lately Bandcamp has become the desired media platform by artists and labels alike.

Bandcamp allows donation-based downloads which artists can offer in several digital formats (high or low quality). This means they can either set a fixed price for an album or individual songs, or let listeners set the price as they see fit. The latter of course means that the music can be downloaded free of charge.

Here are 10 free Metal albums on Bandcamp that you should check out. If possible, do donate to these bands and/or support them by buying their merchandise.

  • Ära Krâ – Ferne Tage (2011)

Tags: Melodic Death Metal / Deathcore.

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  • Benevolent – Divided (EP) (2010)

Tags: Progressive Death Metal / Melodic Death Metal.

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  • Maverick Spirits – Seven Aspects (2011)

Tags: Progressive Metal.

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  • Blizzard at Sea – Invariance (EP) (2011)

Tags: Progressive Metal / Sludge.

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  • Voice Of The Soul – Into Oblivion (EP) (2011)

Tags: Melodic Death Metal / Doom Metal.

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  • grumusic – Cosmogenesis (2010)

Tags: Djent / Instrumental / Fusion.

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  • Awake In Sleep – Awake In Sleep (EP) (2011)

Tags: Atmospheric / Post Rock.

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  • Alaskan – Adversity; Woe (2011)

Tags: Post Metal / Sludge.

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  • Makeshift – Forget the Obligatory (2010)

Tags: Groove Metal.

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  • Satyros – Riven (2011)

Tags: Black Metal / Death Metal.

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