This guitar can be found at Instruments Garage for $450.

  • Specs

The Omen 6 has a basswood body, a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, a 25.5 inch scale, 24 jumbo frets, dot inlays, a tune-o-matic bridge with the strings going through the body, Schecter diamond plus pickups, and black hardware.


  • Sound

The guitar’s tone leans toward the warmer side, which adds a reasonable amount of low end to the sound. This being said, the tone adds a smoothness to soloing and accentuates low-tuned riffs. The pickups on this guitar are good enough for the price; they’re not specialized to achieve specific tones, so beginners would find them great for experimenting with a variety of styles. More advanced players would probably swap them for different ones.

  • Feel and Finish

The guitar has a thin unfinished neck, and a rosewood fretboard with jumbo frets; these features appeal to a lot of guitar players. The body has a satin walnut finish, which seems durable against scratches.


  • Bottom Line

The Omen 6 is recommended for beginners looking to get into several styles, as well as advanced players seeking a reliable guitar to upgrade for a more specialized sound. With the right modifications and upgrades, this guitar would qualify for any genre, from the smooth jazz to extreme metal.

This guitar can be found at Instruments Garage for $450.


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