• Specs

The guitar features a mahogany neck and body, set neck with a 25 inch scale length with an ebonized rosewood fretboard, EMG 81 and 85 pickups in the bridge and neck position respectively, 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob, a 3-way pickup selector, Grover tuners, an Original Floyd Rose, and black hardware.


  • Sound

The 81/85 combo is popular among Metal guitarists; players like Kerry King and Zakk Wylde swear by their EMGs, and have their own signature pickup sets that incorporate them. The 81’s ceramic pickup gives it a powerful high-output tone with a lot of emphasis on the high mids. It provides a lot of precision and chunk to technical riffs and ones that involve a lot of sudden stops. The 85 has a warmer tone, which makes it great for the neck position. For soloing, it gives a smooth tone. On the clean channel, EMG pickups sound very clear.


  • Feel and Finish

At first glance, the guitar’s radical shape makes seem heavy and uncomfortable to play. However, it’s extremely light weight is one of its strong points making it perfect for long gigs. The guitar doesn’t feel more awkward than playing any other standard-shaped guitar.As far as playability is concerned, the neck is smooth, the frets are big, and the cutaway and neck joint make it easy to play on the higher register comfortably, so shredders have nothing to worry about it in that area. The Original Floyd Rose never disappoints; it handles abuse quite well. g1-5_wm

  • Bottom Line

From its aesthetics to it’s tone, this guitar is everything you’d find in a blues player’s nightmare. It’s only for hardcore metal guitarists looking for an axe that not only looks like a weapon from the middle ages, but rips like one as well.

This guitar is available at Instruments Garage for $1330.


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