This guitar is available at Instruments Garage for $1450.

  • Specs

Mahogany body and neck, D-shaped neck with a 16-inch radius and set neck construction, ebony fretboard with pearl shark tooth inlays, 24 jumbo frets, Grover tuners, 2 volume knobs (one for each pickup), a master tone knob, Seymour Duncan Livewire pickups with the Dave Mustaine signature edition in the bridge position.


  • Sound

The guitar’s tone perfectly meets a metal guitarist’s needs. In comparison with EMG pickups, which have sort of a scooped sound, the Livewire pickups have a flat and more balanced sound. They have slightly less output than EMG pickups; however, they deliver a more organic tone which is more responsive to the variations in phrasing and technique. The mahogany body adds warmth to the tone and the string-through body bridge enhances the sustain on this guitar. The bridge pickup offers a tight and precise sound, removing unwanted noise during stop/start riffs, and enhances the sound of harmonics.

  • Feel and Finish

As with all V-shaped guitars, the best way to hold the guitar when sitting down is by putting the notch of the V on the right leg (in case the player is right handed), which may seem awkward for some people. However, it’s actually more comfortable since it allows a better grip of the neck, which makes fast transitions and wide stretches a lot easier. One of the great thing about this guitar is the “reverse” configuration of the volume knobs; the front knob controls the bridge pickup’s volume, so this makes volume swells/cuts easier with the neck pickup’s volume knob staying out of the way. Last but not least, the Gears of War finish on this guitar is flawless; there are no signs scratches or misplaced drops of paint anywhere on this guitar.


  • Bottom Line

For all those metal guitarists looking to compose their own “symphony of destruction”, this guitar will surely deliver. Its aesthetics, tone, and feel make it an ideal guitar for metal, and one of the few signature models worth its price.


This guitar is available at Instruments Garage for $1450.


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