Netflix pioneered a new movie experience through the very innovative Bandersnatch Concept, another exceptional Independent Episode of the series Black Mirror, whose central theme is the digital age and its influence on our lives. The viewer follows a developer in the 80s making a game based on choices and you watch it by making his choices too. At a certain point the main character is aware that you are controlling the “movie of his life”. I will not spoil more but this movie is a must see.

The concept inspired me to do the same with Music. Imagine that you are streaming a track and every minute you could choose how the track continues seamlessly; as it is built from different sections you could have a different Version of the track every time you listen to it.

With the example below, having four different sections in the same track, this track can be heard in four different versions. For such a concept to work, an audio play software can be developed where you can select the sequence you would like to run before starting the track; it could also be a mobile app.

For the artist , it is then necessary to build a track with different progressions – maybe a version without the vocals. If i call the direction the track goes “Lanes”, then the artist can add an acoustic lane, a Death vocals lane and maybe an operatic lane. Having several sections in a track, you can choose to mix the styles or just listen to a completely acoustic version from start to end. I am sure there is an opportunity of endless experimentation with the idea. Maybe DJs can mix track sections and present different artists with different styles on one track from an endless library.