First, check out my Bandcamp freebies article from 2011: 10 FREE METAL ALBUMS YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT ON BANDCAMP

From time to time, the Bandcamp tabs stack up on my browser as I jump around from labels to bands and user profiles. Today I share some of my recent discoveries (part I):

  • EYE – Center of the Sun (2011) | Psychedelic Rock / Prog Rock (USA)

This album has one of the best 19 minute songs I’ve ever heard! I love the overall modern sound, weird and heavy with experimental parts. P.S: the initial tracks were recorded live to tape!

  • Mantar – Death By Burning (2014) | Sludge / Doom Metal (Netherlands)

Start with #9, this 2-man band is BEAST. What’s more interesting is they are part of a cassette (tape) label called Breathe Plastic Records.

Also from Breathe Plastic Records, this album is quite hypnotic as the Post Rock layers build up into modern (blackish?) Hardcore with female scream-style vocals. It’s my first time hearing this kind of modern hardcore with a Black Metal feel to it.

  • Lumbar – The First and Last Days of Unwelcome (2013) | Sludge Metal / Doom Metal (USA)

Heavy as fuck and the weird part is that only a pre-amp was run through GarageBand to record this intense emotional Sludge Metal. More information in this interview on

Texas baby! This band is the real embodiment of Southern Metal, constantly blasting that Heavy bluesy sound! Check out #7.

That’s it for part I, do share your own discoveries in the comments!