Yes, again and again, in this article I will be reviewing five of the best tracks I have heard, all in the Metal/Rock genre.

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Tip: Never listen to well produced Metal/Rock music using laptop speakers, better use earphones / Headphones / High end Speakers.

  • Soen – Slithering

“Soen is a Progressive Metal supergroup consisting of various high-profile extreme metal musicians. Their debut album Cognitive was released on February 15, 2012.

On May 28, 2010, the formation of Soen was announced, its lineup consisting of former Opeth drummer Martin Lopez, ex-Death, Testament and Sadus bassist Steve DiGiorgio, Willowtree vocalist Joel Ekelöf and guitarist Kim Platbarzdis. The group’s first song, “Fraccions”, was released on the band’s official website on October 2010. Their first video, for the song “Savia”, was posted on their Facebook page on February 2012.” (from

The album cognitive is one of those collectable special albums that any progressive metal/rock fan should have. All tracks on the albums are well constructed, catchy and memorable, of course some are at an even higher platform than others. Slithering is one of the simplest but at the same time most perfected, catchy tracks. You will notice the dark theme of the track progressing in a sludgy way with vocals that can only be for that track.

Warning: this track might induce headbanging!

  • Witherscape – The Wedlock Obsevation

“WITHERSCAPE is a project that sees Dan Swanö teaming with another multi-instrumentalist,, Ragnar Widerberg, creating a concept album, which should musically appeal not only to fans of earlier Swanö’s works with Edge of Sanity and Nightingale, or his solo album Moontower, but also attract friends of progressive atmospheric contemporary Metal, in the vein of Opeth or Amorphis.” (From

The album “The Inheritance” is definitely an amazing album that has already gathered a lot of positive reviews and obtained five stars and 9/10s.

“The Wedlock Observation” is one of the most complete and changing tracks on the album, it incorporates elements of Death metal, Heavy metal, Doom metal and definitely Progressive metal. The minimum effect you would get of this track is amazement! The eventual effect is addiction!

  • Haken – Atlas Stone

I am not sure if it is still necessary to introduce “Haken” they are simply voted number one / leading Progressive Rock band of our modern days.

“Formed in 2007, Haken is a virtuoso / band from London, England, comprising some of the country’s finest young musicians. Featured in the band are members of To-Mera and Linearsphere and Anchorhead.” (From

For those who think DT are the only Gods, this might help: “It has been cited by Dream Theater member Jordan Rudess, as well as by ex-member Mike Portnoy, as one of their top 10 2013 albums”.

“Atlas Stone” is one of the best tracks on the album right after or right before “The Cockroach King”, another great track on the album. The track is meant to take you on a journey starting with a piano melody rising with guitar riffs and the choir echoes, then moving into the funky world of Prog and ending with a big bang!

  • Amadeus Awad – The poetry of time

“Proudly Dubbed in the western media as the Arjen Lucassen of the Middle East, Amadeus Awad is a Lebanese guitarist/composer/lyricist & mastermind of many projects.” (From

A complex enjoyable prog trip through a tale in history, “simply”, that is how this amazing track sound to my ears. With Gaving Harrison on drums, the least is to expect something great but that’s not the only mesmerizing thing on the track: the guitar work is fabulous, vocals are great and the funky bass guitar lines fill up perfectly. Anyone would fall in love with the guitar solo which is rooted in classical Baroque rock – Malmsteen style while fusing progressiveness along.

  • Leprous – Thorn

“Leprous is a young, five piece progressive metal band hailing from the metal town of Notodden, Norway, home of bands such as Emperor, Zyklon, Ihsahn, Peccatum, and many more.”  (From

Do not be fooled by the soft entry, hope you have ear-lube for what’s coming next. This track features “Ihsahn”  right at the peak of it (if you are not familiar with the name click here >Ihsahn<). The track does shift from a style to another, it does not surprise you, it drags you there. It is quite a DARK one!

If you liked this track, give the album “Bilateral” a full listen, you will not be disappointed.

We hope you enjoyed the tracks posted here. We would like to hear your opinion on them and maybe some track suggestions for “Great “Fresh” Metal Tracks V”.