• Patrick Saad’s Top Release of May 2012

  • Ides Of Gemini Constantinople 

RecommendedOne to Oneness, Starless Midnight.

Ides Of Gemini’s debut album will definitely appeal to fans of Atmospheric Rock. Although the songs may sound minimal in structure, they feature some tribal drums, female vocals and good harmonies which give them a dark ambient mood. 

For fans of: Atmospheric Rock, Ambient.

  • Karim Koreitem’s Top Release of May 2012

Yet another grand release from Diablo Swing Orchestra, the Swedish avant-garde metal powerhorse. Pandora’s Pinata is different from its predecessors, bringing even more orchestration, less male vocals, and just brilliantly engineered “digressions”. The band is simply very curious and the elements that can be found in their music are endless. You get to taste operatic slow ballads, blast beats, jazz, latin, cello riffs, and so much more. They’re as exciting as can be. 

RecommendedVoodoo Mon Amour, Of Kali Ma Calibre, Aurora, Black Box Messiah.

For fans of: Avant-Garde Metal.