HAIL! will be again one of the biggest Metal events to happen in Lebanon. Organised again by RockRing and this time with better support, larger place and lots of surprises.

Of course this isn’t the first time HAIL! visits Lebanon, the first time was in 2009 and it was the most selling Metal event ever.

In 2009 the event had some flaws, here is part of my review back then:

1) “The place “Tantra” was really small for such an event, by simple calculations it’s clear that the maximum number of people the place can fit would be a 1000.”

This year, the event is at Demco Steel, so the location is at least two times bigger.

2) “We went in when there was less than 30 persons inside, the temperature was about 23 degree and when the place was full, the temperature went close to 32 degree due to the large number of people and the breakdown of half of the ventilation system. This situation caused lack of oxygen between the crowd below and much higher temperatures in the upper VIP levels.”

This year the place has more openings to ventilation, it’s almost an outdoor venue.

3) There was risk of people fainting and people getting hurt in moshpit (I heard one nose was broken). There was no emergency unit for the red cross parked outside which should have been called and set.

I am sure this is taken into consideration this year.

4) The sound system used inside the relatively small building was even bigger than the one used at Summer Fusion which was an outdoor event, thus resulting in a very high sound much higher than the recommended level and over powered considering the space.

The sound this year will be better tuned for the space which is more open to larger sound and less reverb.

5) Last but not least, a friend of mine said and I second him “people who buy their ticket before the event date should have been allowed to enter first, then everyone who wants to buy tickets will enter after that”.

I am sure this will also be taken into consideration this year. The setup of entrance and tickets is different, thus allowing those with tickets to enter directly.

Hail is simply watching more than 7 major bands perform through one band, this time consisting of Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens / Paul Bostaph / James Lomenzo / Dave Links. You would be seeing and hearing live:  Judas Priest / Iced Earth / Slayer / Exodus / Testament / Megadeth / Overkill and others.

The opening band will be EPISODE, one of the most talented Progressive bands in Lebanon with a debut album on the way. Here is an interview with the band.

One of the crazy surprises for this show is the stage which is made of two huge trucks!

The location is at DEMCO STEEL. Click HERE for Google map. The exact map coordinates are (33°53’51.19″N  35°32’35.93″E).

Here’s our 2009 HAIL review and the upcoming 2012 HAIL event.