From RockRing: “We brought you HAIL! 3 years ago, and you told us it was one of the best and most enjoyable concerts in Lebanon, so we bring them again! Enjoy this most unique all-star band who promise to deliver a killer show.”

  • Date / Time / Location

Saturday March 31st 2012 / 8:00 PM / Demco Steel, Quarantina, Beirut (Sea side road 100m after you go down the bridge if you’re coming on the sea-side ride, right after Galerie Vanlian)


  • About HAIL!
  • Members

– Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens (vocalist Judas Priest 1997-2004, Iced Earth 2003-2007, Yngwie Malmsteen 2008, and other bands)
– Paul Bostaph (drummer Slayer 1992-2001, Exodus 2005-2007, Testament 2008-present)
– James Lomenzo (Megadeth bassist 2006-2010, Ozzy Osbourne 1994-1995, White Lion 1984-1991, and others)
– Dave Links (guitarist Overkill, 1999-present)

The band will cover some of the best metal classics which include songs for:

Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Sepultura, Pantera, Motorhead, Accept, Saxon Venom, and more…

Your supportive presence is crucial to make this event successful so come numerous and spread the word!

  • March 31: CONCERT

Warm-up act:

EpiSode, Progressive violin act playing experimental music,
EpiSode’s original compositions unite elements drawn from classical and orchestral soundtrack to Metal music.

followed by:

75 minutes of the best metal classics with HAIL!

  • Tickets

Tickets presale: 33.33$ (50,000 LBP) (limited quantity, get them soon)
Tickets at the gate: 40$

Tickets include free parking.
Tickets will be available at all Mozart Chahine branches starting March 15.

To check ticket availability (starting March 15), call: Mozart Chahine – 04 414649

  • Some words from the band

“Our goal is to make every show a special once-in-a-lifetime event. We strive to make every show different and no 2 shows have been the same.
We want every fan to know that what they experience at our concert will never happen again. ”

Event sponsored by Mozart Chahine in collaboration with Time Out Magazine

This event is brought to you by RockRing.


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This event is covered by will be setting a merchandise stand to support local bands:

– The Hourglass shirts + albums and EP
– Alan Azar – “The Cosmologist”
– Roswell – “Out of Reach”
– Moe Kabbara – “Understated Imperfections” EP
– Kimaera – “Solitary Impact” and “Ebony Veiled”
– Monarchy – “The Rise And Fall At Lantis”
– Blaakyum – “Lord of the Night”

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