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Music Fusion

The Term Generally known as: “world fusion music”, it was early used by the band Ancient Future that was founded in 1978 and is well known in blending centuries-old music traditions and mixing them with modern music such as jazz, rock or reggae.

The Main description of this term is simple: this band searched and used Indian, African, Balinese, Middle Eastern, and South American rhythm, the rich harmonies of Europe, the peaceful melodies of Asia, and other musical traditions and set them in a new framework of music production.

So if we talk about the style we get confused because this band have created its own style of music that I consider the most meaningful style of music ever played.

Not forgetting their roots, Ancient Future passed the walls of cultural closure and went studying with master musicians of many world music traditions.

The result of this big cultural exchange and collaboration was unique; an original world of their own music, a world based on many cultural influences and traditions which creates an unforgettable and educational experience for the audience while showing the diversity in music and traditions around the globe. In their performances, every instrument brings a sound full of harmony with its own cultural identity that blends with modern music perfectly.

It’s important to mention that this band is known as the world’s first and longest running band dedicated exclusively to the mission of creating world fusion music.

Ancient-Future.Com Records

In fact the audio and video recordings releases of Ancient-Future.Com Records are made by many musicians associated with the broad musical scene of the band Ancient Future as well as the musicians who perform with them.

Regarding the label, it’s is set up as an artist coalition and all records are owned by the artists, who have full creative control.

I am gonna only mention the Major Label Recordings by the Band Ancient Future:

Asian Lounge

Asian Fusion

World Without Walls

Circle of Fire


Quiet Fire

Alma Del Sur

Sangria by Mariah Parker

Ten Thousand Thunderstorms

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If we bring that concept to metal music, we can talk about the Israeli band: “Orphaned Land

Style Labeled As:

“Jewish Muslim Metal” or “Middle Eastern Progressive Metal”.

For decades the conflict between the Arabs and Israel has not been solved, and the death toll kept on rising.

Orphaned Land is an Israeli band that’s considered the only Israeli band in the Middle East that its fans tried to unite between Arabs and Israelis in despite of their religious, political, and cultural differences.

Kobi Farhi – leading chants, growls, narrations, choir & backing vocals

Uri Zelha – electric & acoustic bass

Yossi Sassi Sa’aron – electric & classic guitars, saz, bouzouki, chumbush, choir vocals & piano

Matti Svatizky – electric & acoustic guitars

Their fourth album, entitled “The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR” is a result of five years of hard work and huge creativity that made a massive impact on the people of the region, especially younger generations and for sure metal music fans.

Personally I admit that this album is one of the biggest metal releases in 2010, and I admire it a lot. It’s a very inspiring progressive metal composition, with touching lyrics that pumps the adrenaline through one’s veins.

The oriental lament makes this album unique and familiar to the listeners’ ears, especially us Middle Easterns as we realize directly that when ORPHANED LAND spent over 600 hours in the studio cooperating with The Arabic Orchestra of Nazareth, it wasn’t for waste.

The use of multilingual vocals (e.g. English, Hebrew, Arabic, Yemenite) and of countless Oriental as well as other traditional instruments such as: saz, santur, arabian flutes, middle-eastern percussions, cumbus, bouzouki, violins, various kinds of guitars, piano and last but not least, the excellent production skills of Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Opeth) who played keyboards and mixed the album, has led to an extravagant result of making this album simply one of the most diverse and atmospheric albums the music world has ever seen, heard and felt.

My Favorite Tracks are EACH ONE OF THEM, with no exception.

[Part I: Godfrey’s Cordial – An ORphan’s Life

01. Sapari02. From Broken Vessels0

3. Bereft In The Abyss0

4. The Path Part 1 – Treading Through Darkness

05. The Path Part 2 – The Pilgrimage To Or Shalem

06. Olat Ha’tamid

[Part II: Lips Acquire Stains – The WarriOR Awakens

07. The Warrior

08. His Leaf Shall Not Wither

09. Disciples Of The Sacred Oath II

10. New Jerusalem

11. Vayehi Or

12. M I ?

[Part III: Barakah – Enlightening The Cimmerian

13. Barakah

14. Codeword: Uprising

15. In Thy Never Ending Way (Epilogue)

As recent movies like “A Headbanger’s Journey” and “Global Metal” (in which ORPHANED LAND were featured) showed: the loudest, heaviest and most controversial music on earth can act as a universal language, bridging between opposites and overcoming all the obstacles that exist in our hearts and minds.

The African musician Fela Kuti once said: “music is the weapon of the future” – ORPHANED LAND is the living proof of that!


The Tunisian Band: “Myrath

“Myrath” is an Arabic word which means Legacy. On the other hand, Myrath is a Tunisian metal band that was formed in 2001 by guitarist Malek Ben Arbia (aged 13 years) and two childhood friends: Fahmi Chakroun (drums) and Walid Issaoui (guitar) who were 14 years old each.

Back then the band was named X-Tazy, their lineup was after a short period completed when they recruited Zaher Ben Hamoudia on bass guitar and Tarek Idouani on vocals.

X-Tazy was covering death metal bands, then after two years (2003) when Elyes Bachoucha a graduate from the Conservatoire national de musique de Tunisjoined the band as a keyboardist and singer, replacing Idouani Issawi, the band started covering exclusively Symphony X (which is their favorite band).

Four years later (2005,) after playing covers in numerous local gigs, they got some experience that allowed them compose their own music in a progressive metal style influenced by Oriental music.

Their Debut album “Double Face” that was self produced by the band which finally saw the light in March 2005 and was released locally in Tunis as the lineup of the band included a new drummer Saief Ouhibi.

This album was merely a demo for a band of teenagers, but it seemed encouraging as to their composing skills.

One year later, on the 24th of March 2006, a rock concert of about 7000 metal/rock fans attendees was held in Tunisia and Myrath Opened for Robert Plant & ADAGIO.

That day was so important for the band, since that’s where they met the Keyboardist of ADAGIO who became their producer and sound engineer, so that was of great support for the band and was essential for the production of their first real and official album, “HOPE”.

But this was not the only element; in September 2006, Anis jouini, an experienced bass player joined the band and after the graduation of the guitarist Malek Ben Arbia from the prestigious french guitar school Music Academy International (M.A.I.), the band was ready to produce an official album and indeed it happened in December 2006.

This album was a very impressive progressive metal release, and it surely was the major surprise of 2007. Their influence in Symphony X seemed really obvious but it was used with a twist.

The difference is that the main influences of “symphonic and classical music” are replaced by oriental sounds and that gave them an original sound.

In this album we find that all the songs have multitudes of breaks, piano and guitar solo that were performed really good in addition to the amazing voice of Elyes Bachoucha.

After this turning point, worldwide expectations on the bright future of the band went high as they had several performances outside Tunisia, as one of the best Tunisian metal singers Zaher Zorgati joined the band as their front man.

After that, their second album “DESERT CALL” was recorded in November 2008 and brilliantly mixed and produced by Kevin Codfert.

“DESERT CALL” was officially released worldwide on January 25th 2010.

I consider it as an astonishing album and one of the best oriental progressive metal releases of the year 2010. In fact the voice of the new singer made the band find their own trademark, an amazing mix of melodic Arabian tunes and progressive-power metal cleverly balanced by Arabian and Western Orchestration.

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Regardless of the region you came from or the culture you belong to the music unites us and makes humanity live in harmony.