We all know that music has no limits , it is an ongoing process of development and evolution.

We currently dub metal bands in various sub-genres because we find several characteristics that define the differences between them.

A lot of bands fall in one category easily defined and stamped on every album, but some still manage to find a way between the lines of several genres. In these days I find those bands to be the most interesting. Fusion is currently a very appreciated type of music; some bands like Opeth went out of metal and fused some jazz into their music; other bands went out of metal and adapted classical music. Bands like Saturnus simply jumped between metal subgenres in each track they created. Saturnus is known for its uniqueness and resemblance in the same time. They have managed to create “Saturnus Metal“. I know many will disagree and still try to put it into Doom metal or Death Metal or even Gothic metal. I say it is “Metal”.

Saturnus are a Danish band that started in 1991 under the name “Assesino” and then renamed Saturnus in 1993.

Saturnus are (2010):

Thomas Akim Grønbæk Jensen: Vocals

Brian Pony Hansen: Bass

Rune Stiassny: Guitar


Album Review

Veronika Decides to Die is the fifth album by Saturnus released through Firebox Records in 2006.

  • Track 1: I Long Duration: 10:01

Yes this track is long and its the first track in the album. Long tracks are usually placed in the middle of an album or at the end. Saturnus chose to place the longest track at the beginning.

You will directly notice the unique growling voice that you cannot associate with another vocalist. It is really deep and harsh at the same time.

The intro is at a low tempo and seems monotonous but it’s only preparing you for a “WOW”. There is a pause in the middle with strings playing in the background ;much Gothic ambiance.

I am sure you will notice the drum-recording technique which gives Saturnus part of their signature sound.

Every track is packed with emotions especially longing , despair , pain, love…

I rate it 8/10

  • Track 2: Pretend Duration: 6:24

I am sure you will not forget this track’s catchy riff. It really sticks in your mind though it is very simple. This track is more vivid than the first one.

The vocals are different from the first track, and it seems like the vocalist is screaming and every word is coming from the bottom of his lungs with anger !

I rate it 8/10

  • Track 3: Descending Duration: 9:05

One great masterpiece with a long guitar intro and few lines of lyrics. Emphasis is all on music. Then another

long guitar solo full of feelings that bring tears to your eyes.

Guitar recording sounds somehow cheap with the excessive reverb and noise , but it is done to give it a more live feeling…

Simple guitar techniques but dazzling creativity and feelings.


I rate it 10/10

  • Track 4: Rain Wash Me Duration: 7:23

Starts with a piano intro, definitely beautiful and simple. Then violin goes in with it and guitar along harmonizing together.

That was the first track I heard for Saturnus and it made me download the album right away.

There is a pause in the middle building up for an intense part.

You can consider the keys as Gothic , drums as Doom and vocals as Death…

I rate it 9/10

  • Track 5: All Alone Duration: 6:59

Very calm track at most of it and so sedating. Vocalist is reciting and describing his state of mind. Acoustic guitar fills the music with keyboard in the background.

The harmonization and classical music in the background are clear in this track.

It all changes with the words “I will die all alone” and an electric guitar solo goes with it pumping more emotions to the lyrics and is continued by another solo played by another guitarist.

You can notice how the drummer goes through all his drum set with solid drum lines.

I rate it 10/10

Track 6 : Embraced by Darkness Duration : 8:29

Although Saturnus are known for reciting the lyrics, I think their vocal style works only with Doom metal. One can notice how Doom-oriented this track is from start to end. I don’t like this track much, It seems one of the typical Doom tracks and is a bit boring even for fans of the style.

I rate it 5/10

  • Track 7: To the Dreams Duration: 5:57

Excessive and tasteful use of snares with the beautiful harsh vocals and the screaming along… Melodic guitar lines are always full with feelings and creativity. This band does not repeat itself like countless other bands that get nowhere with their music. The outro is pretty much Gothic style and somehow unexpected.

I rate it 7/10

  • Track 8: Murky Waters Duration: 6:43

This is another vivid track with slow intro but then great walking rythm. Unorthodox composition. A simple guitar melody is played all along the track it confusing one’s feelings. Is it sadness ? Is it happiness? Or is it just confusion ?

I rate it 8/10

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