When you’re happy, when you’re lost, when you’re angry or when you’re sad… If you like music than that’s your therapy.

Strangely for me the metal music I listen to when I’m sad gets me more into sadness but stops the pain sooner.

Here are some tracks that get you into the max of melancholy; I should call it “My down Compilation”

1- “Aureole” by “Yearning”

Starts with the greatest lyrics i have ever read:

“The wind blows through

A broken window

Bringing the leaves of autumn inside

As I am sitting here…”

Voice is unique. Drummer is really variant. You will keep repeating this song endlessly…

2- “Last Summer Days” by “Frown”

Definitely unique. Lyrics are most touching, feelings mixed with guitar harmonics, makes you cry…

3- “To Solitude” by “Tears of Mankind ”

Lyrics are in Russian… but strangely you will hear the vocalist singing again and again ” Shadows fall ” , ” Shadows lie “… This track ambiance is gets through you…

4- “Rain wash me” by “Saturnus”

Doom at its best, piano intro is WOW.

5- “I want to Die” by “Mortal Love”

The title says it all ! lyrics are so filled with passion and self-hate… its love and separation. Obsession to the extreme !

6- “Over and Over” by “Black Sabbath”

Well Black Sabbath… ok!! ?… Don’t know if the vocalist is singing or crying…

7- “Cry with a Smile” by “After Forever ”

Talent !

8- “Why” by “The Arcane”

Yep the Lebanese band! If you haven’t got their album… I think you can still find it at Virgin Megastore for 11 $… It’s a great album from track 1 to 10 from composition to lyrics! Waiting for your next album!


9- “Ride On” by “Cruachan”

The Folk love and separation,  just hear the male vocalist…

10- “Solitary Ground” by “Epica”

Everyone agrees Simone has an angel’s voice! Lyrics and music are magical.

11- “Memory…” by “Forgive-Me-Not”

Starts with the rain falling, gets you in the mood, lost and scared… You would think he’s describing your state of mind.

12- “Sleep Demons Sleep” by  Grave Flowers”

It’s about all thoughts that hunt you, listen to it and this track will haunt you!

13- “Watching Over Me” by “Iced Earth”

About a lost friend who’s always on your mind… (damn Metal lyrics… talks about every damn situation in your life)

14- “Rise” by “NFD”

Gothic / Dark vocals (Fields of the Nephilim )… I am sure you haven’t heard like it.

15- “Sentient 6” by “Nevermore”

Powerful track, you might think it’s about fiction but think twice, it’s about you when you feel you’re not like everyone else…

16- “Is the Same for Everyone” by “The Old Dead Tree”

Suicide! Real story, they have lost a band member and the hole album with this track is for his memory. Solo makes me cry each time.

17- “Vocari Dei” by “Pain of Salvation”

It’s mainly not music nor Metal… it’s simple background music and mainly people sending a msg to God on his answering machine.

18- “Iter Impius” by “Pain of Salvation”

This is when one gets all what he needs and realizes that he has lost all what is important! “I rule the ruins… !”

Hope you’ll like all tracks and share your opinions about them.