Principal songwriter Gustav Jørgen Pedersen found inspiration in the sheer magnitude of his new surroundings, having recently moved to Trømso, a remote province far above the Arctic Circle. With the looming presence of the mountains on the horizon, sculpted over aeons by unrelenting winter winds, Pedersen was struck by the resilience and sheer determination of life, from the young birch seedlings outside his window to a single butterfly battling against the breeze.

SPURV bear witness to the perpetual dialogue of ancient nature and new life throughout ‘Brefjære’. Set for release on September 22nd, the band’s forthcoming full-length is an ongoing exploration of powerful neo-classical composition. On ‘En brennende vogn over jordet’, an ethereal violin solo from Grammy Award-winning Norwegian musician Inger Hannisdal provides innovative shelter from the band’s crushing overdrive whilst the introduction of instruments including the lap steel, glockenspiel and vibraphone add further depth to the dynamic mastery that SPURV have forged over their decade as a band.
– from album promo