Italian post/doom metal stalwarts POSTVORTA released “Siderael Pt. One” whose proceeds will fully go to the Red Cross in Italy to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

The album covers a wide range of emotions, but bases itself in a hazey ambient vibe, reflecting the sadness and dream-like state inflicted by the pandemic. It sounds like a diluted triphop version of Anathema “We’re Here Because We’re Here” album, aiming for the same dreamy post-rock sequences, but with less positive vibes.

As described by the band:

“If you expect growls and heavy riffing, don’t bother opening the link and prepare your #makepostvortagreatagain hashtags. What you will find instead, are graceful harmonic melodies with enchanting female vocal lines and a massive electronic-influenced experience.” – Postvorta on Bandcamp

Stream / Buy “Siderael Pt. One” here:

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