For fans of Samael, Limbonic Art, Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ, Behemoth and Rammstein

Led by scorching vocals, NIGHTSHADE combines industrial, heavy riffs with massive beats and orchestral keyboards to drag the listeners into their own distinctive soundscapes.

In a massive gravitational pull, NIGHTSHADE attracts their listeners into a universe of impressionist cosmic metal sounds: heavy and vast guitars blend with ethereal synths, orchestral arrangements and extreme multi-demonic vocals align and revolve there.

On “Sounds Of Dark Matter”, NIGHTSHADE links the many facets – both light and dark – of the human mind and its cosmic roots. This journey sways from Industrial / Heavy / Thrash Metal riffs, demonic vocals to New Wave-inspired keyboards and beats.
Polish producer Sebastian Has (Behemoth, Obscure Sphinx) crafted the most suitable sound for “Sounds Of Dark Matter”, modern, warm and heavy, all at the same time.

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