On June 15th 2018, Unholy Anarchy Records will release the highly anticipated debut full length from extreme metal band BEGAT THE NEPHILIM. The album tells the tale of the Mother of Blasphemy, an ancient godlike Nephilim, her rise to power and the resulting consequences facing mankind and the world.

BEGAT THE NEPHILIM is an American blackened melodic death metal band based out of Southern New Hampshire that has a sound comparable to acts such as THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, BEHEMOTH, CATTLE DECAPITATION and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE.

Pre-order here: https://unholyanarchy.aisamerch.com

  • For fans of

The Black Dahlia Murder, Behemoth, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Cattle Decapitation.

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Website: begatthenephilim.com
Facebook: fb.com/btnmetal
Youtube: youtube.com/BegatTheNephilim