Socio-political, spiritual, and philosophical topics are quite common themes in Metal music. In this article series, I summarize Metal albums into ~15 lines using advancements in Natural Language Processing. These summaries could give listeners quick insights into an album’s main theme(s).

A scavenger of human sorrow
The end of a time, a time to begin
Used by scavenger of human sorrow
But know i know to let go of words to speak no more
When it’s time to feed to fulfill
Shallow are words from those who starve
Behind the pain you will find a scavenger
Feed on the pain, taste
To tell us what it is that we can do to look
What pain will it take
Shallow are words
You may think you own the end
Just don’t feed on me
Take another close look at the script

Through all those
Here we are
And to yourself
We’re aware they’re going to free us
We’re tagged and can’t turn back
We’re gonna take what’s ours to have
I’m a man cut in half in this world
If there’s nothing to have, well then there’s nothing to save
Comin’ for you we’re the cowboys from hell
Aimed at you we’re the cowboys from hell
I’m strapped in for life
It has given me life, beyond life i take
You see us comin’

No more.
I see the world – dead.
I see the world – old.
Infected voice – a scream alone.
From beyond – an empty world.
Condemned future – we see.
Envy – still strong.
Same peace that exists – here lies.
Same religion that saves – damns you!.
Hatred – still alive.
Final premonition – the truth