No one can deny Armenians’ love and nostalgia for their motherland, which is often expressed through culture, music and other forms of art. Дети Picasso, with Дети meaning “children”, describes itself as:

The Budapest based Armenian band Deti Picasso plays an unusual sort of music – head-spinning and sharp, with strong ethnic roots, psychodelia and hypnotic energy.

– Deti Picasso biography (

Deti Picasso – Motherland (2015)

Their sound is Rock-based, energetic, emotional, intense. It also incorporates World and Folk music influences. Leading the band is female vocalist Gaya Arutyunyan, whose voice is more urgent and stunning than soft and calming. The rhythm section as well as the guitar play wonderfully melodic lines inspired by Progressive Rock. Harp and Viola are more lead than the guitar and establish a rich and vibrant Folk mood.

Deti Picasso

“Motherland” portrays the entire spectrum of emotions, from the heavinly positive sounds of “Madarka Madarka” to the intensity of songs like “Mar Tan Itev” and “Otar Amai Champeqi Vra“. The album cycles through both intense and fragile styles with an artistic spirit and a nostalgic unnerving heart, often summoning elements from Jazz, World, Folk and Prog Rock. Songs like “Askharums Ah Chim Qashi” and “Horovel” are pure Rock energy with an eastern vibe, with a rich Psychedelic Prog Rock / Balkan meets Eastern blend.

N.B: It’s interesting how some Rock bands are more Progressive than self-proclaimed Prog Bands!

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