1999-2000 – “Nu Metal” reaches Metalheads worldwide: Limp Bizkit’s “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water“, Rage Against the Machine’s “The Battle of Los Angeles” and Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory” become the 21st century’s “Led Zeppelin”, “Paranoid”, “Kill ‘Em All” and “Show No Mercy” for millions of teenagers (and mostly an annoyance to adults). 

Lethal Injektion – Judgement Day (2017)

2017 – meet LETHAL INJEKTION, the West Coast Metal band who’s stirring up the Nu Metal nuniverse lately with their talented musicians and explosive songs, featuring independent rap artist “The Raskal” who most recently won West Coast Artist Of The Year @ The Under Ground Music Awards in New York in December 2015.

The group’s sophomore LP “Judgement Night” was released on September 15th 2017; you can stream it on Spotify below (other streaming links at the end of the article):

“Judgement Day” is a monster of an album with 16 in-your-face songs showcasing everything from rapping, screaming, growling and clean singing. The music itself is more Metal compared to Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park’s Rock, with downtuned Metal riffing, headbanging riffs and double-pedal drums!

Here’s a couple of official music videos to get you pumped up!

  • The album opener, “Blinding Light”

  • Their signature song, “The Crossover”

  • Links

Lethal Injektion on Facebook

Judgement Day on iTunes

Judgement Day on Amazon Music