Not another misleading article! AnekDoTen have released a great album that probably slipped through most Prog fans’ radars.

I think the reason why is that our radars are tuned to catch the familiar names in the music genre, like Dream Theater, Tool, Opeth and other big names. Our radars are also flooded with advertisements and big banners saying: “The big ASTONISHING is out!“, “Get the Double CD vinyle +  mega poster + shirt combo today for 100$“, “Limited edition 5,000,000 DT shirts out now“. Do not get me wrong, I really enjoy some of the aforementioned bands’ music but the world of music is slightly larger than one or two bands and is full of gems.

Anekdoten is a strange name to begin with. Is that English? No, the band is Swedish and not from the Common Wealth countries, therefore is already one step behind any band in mainstream Prog-Rock (Opeth kind of makes an exception here…).

Does Anekdoten have a shredder guitar player endorsed by major brands (is he fit for brand marketing)? No. Anekdoten has a regular Joe playing on guitar, he is no superstar but is talented nevertheless and I do not need to mention his name to get you interested in checking the music. Names do not always equal good music (ehem ehem …. astonishing).

So which album are we talking about? We are talking about “Until All Ghosts are Gone” released in 2015.

Anekdoten – Until All Ghosts are Gone (2015)

The album is one of the best of 2015; it features very melodic lines, exceptional drumming coupled perfectly with the bass guitar. Its tracks have varying moods with both simplicity and some technicality. It features some psychedelic parts and some very memorable riffs like on the track “Writings on the Wall” (check video below). The singing tone and style is a reminder of early Prog Rock groups like Gentle Giant. There are acoustic guitars lines and symphonic parts, and nothing is overused nor stands out more that it should; it is a perfect blend with very good recording quality and mix.

A highly recommended album for fans of Beardfish, post-heritage-Opeth, IQ, Riverside and the likes!

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