And our next contender, making their worldwide debut all the way from AtlantaGeorgia, running at around 25 minutes long, with a record of 5-0 all first round knockouts, the freshly dubbed “knockout punch waiting to happen” … TORO!


Oh man these guys will pound the shit out of your speakers with their debut EP “Departure” released on March 1st 2017. The logo and album artwork are somehow misleading to say the least, as they are slightly colorful for the now standard “somber” Metal albums artwork, perhaps suited best for a “sucker punch” worth of kickass Metal!

“Departure” album cover

Quietly sitting on their Bandcamp page with 6 supporters, TORO should be drawing enough attention to muscle up a debut album in the near future, one which will undoubtedly feature their modern style of Metal mixed with Hardcore, Alternative, and some Prog as well. What I enjoyed about this EP is the overall noisy loud sound with sick vocals and nasty guitar riffs, and not to mention the quality production on the EP itself which made it an energetic listen throughout.

  • Enjoy the stream!
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