Rock duo BOTTLE NEXT released their debut album “Bad Horses” on January 27th 2017.

Bottle Next – Bad Horses (2017) | Album cover

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some White Stripes, but this duo manages to display subtle technicality in an entertaining mix of Rock, Blues, Folk and Prog, showcasing their talents and ability to cover a variety of sounds with mainly an Electro-acoustic guitar and drums (with some sampling and saxophone).

Bottle Next – Bad Horses (2017) | CD

The band is all about groove, but although their showmanship is certainly admirable, I found that 50-minutes of duo riffs and rhythms can get repetitive. What struck me most is that they cited Meshuggah as one of their influences, mostly manifested in how they use rhythms and time signatures; those are certainly deceptively straightforward-sounding.

Bottle Next

Bottle Next | from left to right – Pierre Rettien (lead vocals, guitar, saxophone) and Martin Ecuer (drums, samples, vocals)

Check them out if you enjoy Nine Inch Nails, Fink and Queens of the Stone Age to name of a few.

  • Recommended tracks

Choices, Revolution and Age of Beauty.

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