“Skull Session” was a Metal event organized at Beirut Station by one of the well-known Thrash/Heavy Metal bands in Lebanon: Blaakyum. The event was sponsored by: BACH Music Institute, Wicked solutions, YMevent, and Lebanese Metal Society.

It was a free, strictly 18+ Metalevent with great music, food, drinks, and people!

Skull Session featured some of the metal bands in the Lebanese Metal Society such as Blaakyum, Phenomy, Turbulence, and Qantara.


Sadly, Qantara cancelled their performance at the last minute while all three remaining bands rocked the stage with their performances.

The concert started with Turbulence which is a Progressive Metal band, its members blew everyone’s mind with their performance especially when they played “My Darkest Hour.” We can always sense the effect Dream Theater has on this band but we cannot deny that it is a positive one.


Next up was Phenomy which is a Melodic Thrash Metal band. They are currently recording their first album entitled “Once And For All” which will be released by the end of October-2016.

This group of enthusiastic musicians took the head banging game to the next level with their breakdowns. The adrenaline rush was noticeable during their performance, some of the audience tried to start a mosh pit but it was blocked by the security members for safety reasons.


The last performance was by the organizers of the event, Blaakyum. They played part of their newest album entitled “Line of Fear.” They also covered the new Metallica song and called for a small wall of death! Blaakyum’s fans were really thrilled with this performance and so was everybody else.


Overall, it was a very nice event but the only frowned upon thing was banning the moshpit which is a typical ritual in every Metal event.

In general, we do hope that Metal events will start happening more often in Lebanon, this event reminded us of how much we missed such enthusiasm!


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