Leicestershire Electronic Metalcore outfit CABIN BOY JUMPED SHIP will be releasing their second EP called PATHWAYS on May 20th. We received early access to the material in the form of an electronic press kit (EPK) provided by the band’s PR company Rage PR.

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship - PATHWAYSEP

PATHWAYS tracklisting (22 mins total running time)

1. The Beginning
2. Dead Ends
3. The New World Order
4. Interlude 1
5. Pathways And Promises
6. Waste Away
7. Interlude 2
8. Replace The Hate

Metalcore is undoubtely on top of the “Modern Metal” music culture for young bands and music fans, similar to how Heavy / Thrash Metal controlled how young Metalheads looked and behaved back in the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s. Aggressive edgy music, Drop-D and 7-string guitar B tuning, vocals constantly switching from clean to high shrieks and guttural growls, memorable “expressive” choruses, necessary breakdowns and last but not least, weird-ass band names.

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship - Copy

CABIN BOY JUMPED SHIP perfectly fits all those criteria and then adds a modern touch on top by incorporating digital electronic music (Dubstep, synthesizers). The songs are tight and moshpit-engaging to say the least, like in Waste Away with its sick riffs, breakdowns and enjoyable chorus. Pathways And Promises takes a similar path of destruction throughout its 3 minutes with a clean-vocals-chorus and a general Hardcore-like vocal approach. Songs like Replace The Hate and New World Order showcase how Electronic music mixes quite well with Metalcore, and the album is glued together with an Instrumental / Electronic intro and two short Electronic interludes that might be hints into the band’s future experiments with the Electronic / Industrial sound.

Check out the official video of Replace The Hate which the band will be donating all profits to anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label.

Overall, PATHWAYS is an enjoyable EP by this rising band that’s aiming to find its unique place in Metalcore with its edgy sound, catchy hooks and an overall Electronic envelope that should appeal to fans from different backgrounds (Metal, Hardcore and Industrial to name a few).

Catch them on tour this June / July:

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship tour poster


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