Rami Rouhana’s favorite music from July 2015

Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic

Recommended: Memory Palace.

After the huge success of Colors and Alaska, Coma Ecliptic comes to make a major stroke on the modern progressive music palette. A massive symphonic sound, at times sounding British psychedelic and at other times sounding Death Metal / Deathcore. Between the buried and Me are an American band but for most prog listeners, I think we can say that they sound more European influenced.

For fans of: Periphery, Witherscape, Progressive Metal.

Patrick Saad’s favorite music from July 2015

Symphony X – Underworld

Recommended: Nevermore, Without You.

Symphony X has long moved on from their condensed Neoclassical Prog sound, and fans seem fine with that! “Underworld” is listenable / memorable record that’s not solely aimed at pleasing Prog fans. Still, the technicality is there along with aggressive riffing and soaring keys and those official lyric videos are cool!

For fans of: Progressive Metal.