Patrick Saad’s Favorite Music from June 2015

High On Fire – Luminiferus

Recommended: The Black Plot.

I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest High On Fire fan, however they’ve improved their sound a ton from a few years ago and they are currently kicking ass with their non-stop-action-filled “Luminiferus”. Expect nothing but thunderous riffs and heaviness from each and every song – High On Fire is one of the best Modern Heavy/Thrash Metal bands out there today!

For fans of: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal.

Kingcrow – Eidos

Recommended: The Moth.

Time for the usual favorite Prog entry of the month! Kingcrow come from Italy, and that might be a big no-no if you think Italian Prog bands are stuck in their 70s Prog Rock era. Fear not because Kingcrow sounds quite modern! It’s like a tamed Leprous mated with a less melodic Von Hertzen Brothers to create a Porcupine Tree bastard. All said and done, the songs are catchy and instrumentally tight, so kudos for Kingcrow for putting Italy on the Prog map … in the 21st century.

For fans of: Leprous, Porcupine Tree, Von Hertzen Brothers.

Rami Rouhana’s Favorite Music from June 2015

Thy Art is Murder – Holly War

Recommended: Holly War

This album seems to be well produced, well written, well recorded. It is as Heavy as deadly as it can be and is made to drill in your brain. The official video of “Holly War” is what dragged me to this album, give it a listen and some views, this is a true message of metal !

For fans of: Death Metal, Deathcore.