On April 14th 2015, Anathema took us on a journey through all their albums – as part of their Resonance tour, the band performed three sets for over two hours of music: they started with their latest album “Distant Satellites” (2014) and went all the way back to “Serenades” (1993). Joining Anathema on stage was Darren White whose voice is on the first albums and on bass Durcan Patterson who was with the band during the 90’s.

Here are selected tracks from every Anathema album, join Anathema on their journey in time and give these tracks a listen. Tell us which album is your favorite.

From “Distant Satellites” (2014)

From “Weather Systems” (2012)

From “We’re here because we’re here” (2010)

From “A Natural Disaster” (2003)

From “A Fine Day to Exit” (2001)

From “Judgment” (1999)

From “Alternative 4” (1998)

From “Eternity” (1996)

From “The Silent Enigma” (1995)

From “Serenades” (1993)