Patrick Saad’s Favorite Music from February 2015

Code – Mut

Recommended: Affliction, Dialogue.

There are so many hidden and underrated gems in Progressive Rock, but it’s so rare for a Black Metal band to turn Prog and deliver an album like “Mut”. Armed with a dark sound with beautiful composing and a unique spirit, Code waste no time in kicking off 2015 with a boom. Check out the official video of “Affliction” from the album:

For fans of: Progressive Metal, Post Rock

Elder – Lore

Recommended: Compendium

Sometimes amazing artwork pulls you in to give new music a try, and it usually works wonders. Elder’s “Lore” sounds like a Folk Metal album with both words coming straight from the Night Elf kingdom, however it is not the case here. This is Progressive Sludge with Mastodon-style vocals and great song composing, which is why this 10-min track is kickass:

For fans of: Mastodon, Progressive Sludge Metal

Rami Rouhana’s Favorite Music from February 2015

Neal Morse -The Grand Experiment

Recommended: The Call, Alive Again

Too much have been done under this progressive rock/metal style and too much can still be done, because this is a very broad road where many bands go and all have a place to create and be different.A really nice album, quite instrumental overall with smooth arrangement and intricate time signatures (Mike Portnoy). Check out the “The Call” from the album:

For fans of: The Flower Kings, Transatlantic.