One Last Shot quickly moves from 1st to 6th gear with their EP “First Gear” as they blast through 5 songs with Stoner Rock ‘N Roll with a Punk spirit a la Gay Paris (check that out here).

One Last Shot - First Gear

It’s really a no-brainer when it comes to this kind of music, no in-depth reviewing while critiquing technique, pointing out various time signatures and mentioning composing creativity – it’s more about shutting down analysis-mode, turning it up to 11 and soaking up the energy.

You can stream the EP on Bandcamp (or click here if you don’t see the Bandcamp player below):

If you’re into Metal, Punk Rock, Stoner Rock, just put this EP in your car, go on a roadtrip and enjoy its energy!

One Last Shot

This album is available to buy/download as “Name your Price” on Bandcamp:

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