Rami Rouhana’s Favorite Music from January 2015

Beardfish – +4626-Comfortzone

Recommended: Comfort zone, King.

Without any doubt this has to be one of Beardfish’s best albums; featuring lots of 70s Rock elements Beardfish fans are accustomed to, but also having interesting modern elements and a lyrical approach. The album is enjoyable all in all with beautiful melodies, interplay of bass guitar and drums and catchy sing along choruses.

Listen to “Comfort zone”, one of the best tracks on the album:

For fans of: Progressive Rock, Rock.

Patrick Saad’s Favorite Music from January 2015

Alan Abi Sleiman – Anyway (single)

This month I am featuring this Single by my longtime musician friend Alan Abi Sleiman. “Anyway” is his first single, with him composing and recording all instruments and vocals. The song is a fresh mix of Rock / Soul / Dance that’s radio-friendly without being radio-generic. Check it out on the Soundcloud player below (or click this link to go to the Single page on Soundcloud):

For fans of: Rock, Soul and Dance.