• I’d like my first question to introduce our readers to the Algerian Metal scene. Can you tell us about Metal in Algeria?

Hi, the scene isn’t so big as you can imagine, but it is existing since more than 2 decades and there are some good promising bands .

  • What inspired your members to play music, and what led you to form Lelahell; where does its name come from?

Lelahell is an extreme metal band founded in 2010 by Me. Started first as a one man band .In the end of 2011 coinciding with the end of the Ep recording, Nihil (bass) and slave blaster (drums) two talented musicians from Barbaros joined the band. Lelahel is my stage name and a zodiac angel (the sixth among the 72 kabbalah’s angels) when we add ‘l’ it is Lelahell to differentiate with my nick name and the italian rock band lelahel. We play music because we like music!


  • Your latest album is titled “Al Insane… The (Re)birth of Abderrahmane.” Can you explain what it means?

The album have two titles: Al insane which means the human in Arabic and which is talking mainly about the insanity of humans. The second name is a metaphor that refers to the Algerian metal scene and we hope that this album will contribute to its (re) birth .

  • The album reveals a solid and distinct musical approach to Technical Death Metal. How do you compare your style to that of Algerian Metal and Middle Eastern Metal?

In general band from our areas like to play melodic minor riffs with slow tempos and many solos, there are really few bands that play technical Death Metal. Maybe it is due to the hot climate or the culture

  • Can you briefly describe the music-making process in Lelahell?

In general I come with the main guitar riff and structures and other musicians compose their own parts during rehearsals.


  • Do you choose your instrument brands based on brand loyalty, availability, or sound preference?

In general we choose our instruments brands based on the sound. Our drummer has his own signature sticks made by the French brand pro orca, they have a terrible sound and are resistant ! I also made my own signature guitar with the German brand Siggi Braun Guitars, the name of the guitar is Dassine ROC-8 it is an 8 strings guitar, its body is made from red willow, the top is popplar burl and the neck is from corina and cambala, and the fretboard is made from bocote. The sound is transparent powerful and agressive!!

  • What instrument sound did you aim for in “Al Insane… The (Re)birth of Abderrahmane; do you feel it was it achieved?

It isn’t achieved yet, but for a first album we are very satisfied! The sound is raw, clean and powerful!

  • Do you have a record label or are you a member of any music organizations?

We aren’t members of any organisation, but our first full lenght was released last august under an us label called Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. It a very good small label!

  • Where has Lelahell performed? Do you see any potential for a concert in Lebanon?

We played many times in Europe. our First gig was in march 2013  at le klub (Paris, France) in the skullkrusher deathfest II. we also made a tour in the summer of same year Al Intihar Tour, we played in Toulouse (France), Czech republic (Prague), and Slovakia (Bratislava, trencin and liptovsky mikolas). Last month we played in Malta Death Fest III one of the most important metal event of the island. We have also a tour planned for this December , Al Insane Tour: 5shows in Germany, 2 shows in Poland and Switzerland and one show in France. More details soon on our Facebook page: facebook.com/lelahell


Al Intihar Tour Show 3 @ U Ocka Bratislava (SK)

  • What’s Lehahell’s ultimate direction?

For the moment an Euro tour for December and working on the second full length, we’ll see what the future will reserve

  • Do you have any advice for bands who are starting up in countries where Metal is highly unconventional, underground, or even socially unacceptable?

Practice, Practice and practice. You should have an identity or a concept and of course invest your money and energy in the right direction.

  • Any last words?

Thanks for your great support and stay brutalz!

support LELALHELL or die!

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