In Episode 2 of Talking Music, we have an extended talk with Anthony Kaoteon, most known as the guitarist for Lebanese Metal band KAOTEON. We discuss his musical journey, receiving international recognition for this music, and his current and upcoming work with DEATH TRIBE.

  • Topics

00:00 Welcome
01:23 Introduction to music listening
05:46 Introduction to music playing
10:18 Devil Music
15:37 Original vs cover band
19:57 Provenance of Hatred (2004)
24:05 From 2004 to 2011
26:41 KAOTEON – Veni Vidi Vomui (2011)
31:47 KAOTEON – Damnatio Memoriae (2018)
37:16 Feedback / Fan interaction
40:08 Post album release
41:48 CDs, streaming, artist revenue, playing live
46:06 KAOTEON – Kaoteon (2020)
48:23 Metal with Arabic vocals / International recognition / Metal Hammer award
51:39 Lebanese Metal bands making their mark in Metal’s ongoing global story
54:54 What’s next for KAOTEON (2021?)
59:30 Metalheads are among us
1:02:40 DEATH TRIBE – Beyond Pain and Pleasure: A Desert Experiment (2019)
1:06:22 DEATH TRIBE – Beyond The Red Light District: A Canal Experiment
1:12:34 Contacting Baard from Leprous / exploring one’s creativity
1:19:45 Thawra
1:24:25 Covers and copyrights (KIMAERA’s track Beirut Sett El Donya)
1:34:52 Why “The Red Experiment” / DEATH TRIBE artwork
1:40:21 DEATH TRIBE movie preview / release plans
1:46:21 ANTHONY ASSAKER teaser / release plans
1:50:26 Motivating words for Lebanese Metal bands / artists
1:53:40 Outro

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