It’s no secret that most Metalheads listen to more than Metal; some like Classical, others relate to Experimental music and some even like the Blues. Since Metal does originate from many non-aggressive music styles, it’s time to start sharing non-Metal albums for Metalheads so they can get out of their comfort zone (just a little bit):

  • 1- Tom Waits – Blood Money (2002)

Randomly choose an album from Tom Waits’s discography and it will probably be Jazz. However, take a closer look and you will find more sinister music (although his Jazz was pretty gritty at times). Blood Money is no background music; in fact, it starts out so heavy you’re bound to be pulled in by its darkness. It sure helps that Tom has that deep guttural voice, reminiscent of growling:

  • 2- Eivind Aarset – Sonic Codex (2007)

This one is for more experienced listeners, Eivind is a guitarist who plays with Dhafer Youssef (check here). Apparently, he is one of those experimental musicians who dabble with everything from Jazz to Metal and Electronic. You might not listen to “Sonic Codex” on a daily basis, but when you do, make sure you warm up your ears first:

  • 3- Ez3kiel – Barb4ry (2003)

Many Metalheads relate to Electronic music, whether it’s Dubstep or any other aggressive form of Electronic. Ez3kiel are one of those talented bands (not DJs) that have a lot to say about everything that’s messed-up with the world, and most Metalheads understand that. Barb4ry is a great introduction to their core sound, give it a try:

  • 4- Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood – Black Pudding (2013)

Everything slowly burns out, including this list, which is why “Black Pudding” comes in last. Surely, after a long night of loud music, an ear-break is a must, and while this album is not that quiet, it will devour you with its slow-burning mood, especially with Mark Lanegan on vocals:

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