“A mix of sensations and styles, real Blended Metal” is how French band ACOD describes its sound. “Melodic, modern and powerful” is the band’s musical destination and one can see that their EP “Another Path” might be a good starting point.


The EP is a 5 song / 20-minute display of continuous onslaught with a Thrash / Death / Black Metal sound that occasionally features Melodic Death Metal and acoustic parts. It sometimes feels as if the band is shoving too many different influences into the mix in attempt to create a modern sound, but that’s expected from an EP where musicians can test the waters and get some feedback before releasing a full length.

The standout track in this EP is “Unleash The Fools”, mostly because of its acoustic section and the way the band mixes all of the styles mentioned earlier into one song – check it out:

Acod’s EP “Another Path” is an above-average Metal EP with fast / heavy riffing and undying aggression, but it’s still many steps away from the groundbreaking “Blended Metal” sound the band’s aiming for.

Recommend for fans of Thrash / Death Metal and Modern Metal.

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