Today was randomly selected as RecommenDay, the day where we flood our social media pages with random music recommendations, all more-or-less related to the Rock / Metal genre. Please be advise that we might cheat our way into labeling these albums so closed-minded “stricly-Metal” Metalheads can give new music a shot.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Archive – Axiom

Their previous 2012 album had 12 songs, this has 7. Known as a “trip-hop” band, Archive’s “Axiom” should rightfully land many reviews on Prog / Art Rock websites for it’s essentially 10% Trip-Hop and 90% Pink Floyd / Anathema atmospheric music with Electro Rock buildups and generally Prog-influenced music. “Axiom” is a great emotional journey, one which is better experienced with the official movie released with the album.

  • Only Lovers Left Alive OST

The OST for the “Only Lovers Left Alive ” movie is a must-listen to. It might be considered as Stoner/Downer music but it’s definitely suited for fans of dark destructive music – I would guess Metalheads fit that profile. There’s plenty of Noise to make your mind tipsy, all of which makes sense when you actually see the movie and soak in its influence.

  • Miaou – The Day Will Come Before Long

Miaou is a Japanese band who mixes Post Rock with rich chillout Electronic soundscapes and Indie-like melodies.

Their music is sometimes cute, but we will not stress that term to make Metalheads listen to their great composing work.

For fans of Devin Townsend’s “Ghost”, Yann Tiersen and Post Rock.

  • Anna Calvi – One Breath

The Mesmerizing Anna Calvi: that ought to be the band name. With killer looks, great guitar techniques and a unique style, Anna is not your average singer / songwriter. Her music is emotional and dark, sometimes energetic and bordering on “experimental organized chaos”. She is an artist and her music is both intelligent and ear friendly, but always fresh-sounding and touching. “One Breath” is her second album which brings more mature and daring songwriting than her first album (that one is also crazy good). Check out the single “Eliza” from the album:

  • Sleepy Sun – Spine Hits

I usually don’t like the Psychedelic Rock label, but I gave Sleepy Sun’s 2012 album “Spine Hits” a listen and it turns out it is not that Psychedelic. There are so many great songs on that album, the general mood recalls the 90’s era honestly but not in a Grunge/Nu Metal way. Some tracks reminded me of Jeff Buckley’s Alternative Rock approach, whereas other tracks are more Heavy Pop. Da hell is that? Imagine The Kooks but with Stoner riffs, a mix of Soundgarden and Dax Riggs. Uh, just listen.

  • The Contortionist – Language

The band Cynic has always solely ruled its own music category, well at least when members from Cynic don’t participate in side projects with other musicians (ehem ehem Exivious). HOWEVER, it seems like we have ourselves a new contender for the “Cynic-style” Metal. The Contortionist bring a fresh modern take on the Cynic sound while Cynic are off experimenting in the Amazonian jungles (we like that as well). Their album “Language” is colossal, brilliant and delicious for the ears. It will not be your most played album of the day (it’s no Pop), but when you’re in that “I’m gonna sit my ass down and enjoy some fresh musicianship” mood, this band will gently blow you away.


Those were the random recommendations from our first recommenDay! Follow us on our social media pages for music updates and recommendations!

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