Man2oushe means Man’ousheh in Arabic internet language: “(Arabic: مناقيش‎ manāqīsh; sometimes called معجنات mu‘ajjanāt ‘pastry’) is a popular Levantine food consisting of dough topped with thyme, cheese, or ground meat.” – from Wikipedia.

What’s the connection between Metal music and one of the most popular traditional food in Lebanon? The answer is simply “lower and middle class people”.

Some online references supporting this argument:

“While the audience for metal is mainly “white, male, lower/middle class youth,”” – Heavy Metal subculture on Wikipedia

“Metal’s audience is generally adolescent males from working-class backgrounds.” – from “Metal Rules the Globe: Heavy Metal Music Around the World“.

“…  the lower class status and economic impotency of metal fans are significant factors in choice of musical genre.” – from “Heavy Metal in the Subcultural Context”.

Mankoushe from Skandar's - somewhere in Amchit, Lebanon

Mankoushe from Skandar’s – somewhere in Amchit, Lebanon

Here’s my personal Man2oushe Metal experience: there’s a hidden Mankoushe place in the city of Amchit-Lebanon, a place with no sign, no wall paint, a single lightbulb in the middle of a dark room, a big oven heating up burning bread, a smell of Zaatar in the air, an old school fridge with cheap Pepsi glass bottles and an old messed up radio next to a TV with half an Antenna. A humble old man with a mustache crafts your Man2oushe, simultaneously discussing corruption, injustice and personal interest superseding general interest. After wise conversations involving common people instead of the latest Mall discounts, these hot Man2oushe sessions reinforce defiance and a sense of belonging to the working class who speak of revolutions with Metal music themes.

If food could speak, Man2oushe would growl.