Lebanese band In Sanity Q are set to play a theatrical show on July 3rd at PlayRoom. We sat down with the band at their private studio for an interview:

  • Was the “Theatrical Rock Show” concept ready before the venue or was it prepared solely for the venue?

The concept, at least the idea of a theatrical show was always there. We already had the characters for it, and all we had to do is plan for it and develop it as soon as we found a suitable venue, a big one. We need space for this particular show, and Playroom is the right place for it. It’s going to be something special.

  • How did you get in contact with Playroom’s management? What did they think of the idea?

Our drummer, Ramsey, is a friend of the Owner, Mr. Mario Bassil. He once suggested the Idea to him and later introduced the band to the management. We were later invited to attend a show at Playroom. Mr. Bassil was interested and, accordingly, we got our chance to bring our Music and Ideas to a larger audience.

In Sanity Q

  • Tell us a bit about the planned show, is there an additional cast? Any featured known faces?

There is a big, hardworking crew working to make the show a good one. So far, there are at least two confirmed actors; they either studied the art or are studying it. There are no known featured faces, since we want this to be more about In Sanity Q and what the band can do. Of course, it’s not a theater with a plot but is a theatrical rock show. The theme of the show is “Existential Crisis” and madness, of course.

  • Who worked on the show concept? Is it the work of the entire band or a few individuals?

As a band, we work together. When one of us comes up with an idea, we discuss them thoroughly and end up with a sort of consensus. Then it’s Chris’s job to put the ideas down to paper.

  • How long will the show last?

It will last three hours including the supporting act, Candlends.

  • Tell us more about Candlends. Will they include any theatrical show in their performance?

Johnny and I (Chris) were at one of their gigs once. We were at the bar when we heard them play. We liked them a lot. They delivered good music and were great performers. So we thought it would be nice for us to support them and them to support us. All we had to do is wait for the right time to call them. I don’t think there’s anything theatrical in their performance, but you never know.

  • Will the show have any surprises?

Of course, some will be shocked and others will have something to think about after the show. You are not there to simply see the show; you’re going to be experiencing it as if you’re a part of it.

  • Is the venue 18+ restricted?

It is 18 and above, surely. No one’s too old for it. We are expecting people in their mid twenties and above. If you have seen our past performances, you would notice people from all ages enjoying the show.

  • So the set list includes old tracks? New tracks? Any covers?

It includes both old and new but no covers, all songs are originals, and the opening act Candlends is also playing originals.

  • Can you describe to the people going what they should expect?

They should expect something new, something they have not seen before. They should expect a sort of mad uniqueness. We are trying to push our own limits as a Lebanese Rock band. It’s always like “why not push it further?” That is our challenge. We aim to make more people want to watch rock shows even if they are not necessarily rockers.

  • In the trailer we witness the Birth of a bass guitar. Will we witness the birth of a drum set during the show?

Hehe (giggles)… Actually Ramsey has given birth for his drum set a long time ago; it is a totally custom made set. You can say it’s practically handmade.

  • Anything you would like to end this interview with? Any message?

Yes. Bring your parents. You never know who’s an old time rocker. Tell your friends and let them know we’re coming. There’s going to be rock; there’s going to be girls; and there’s going to be murder.

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