Quintessence Of Versatility are a French Post Deatchcore group who released an EP entitled “Reveal The Truth” earlier this year.

With a total running time of 23 minutes, QoV relentlessly provides an Extreme Metal fiesta of Death, Black and Hardcore Metal among other styles. Whichever styles they play, what’s common is the furious in-your-face Metal. What makes it interesting is that it’s not a replication of traditional Death/Black Metal or even Deathcore, but an attempt to create something new and exciting out of both, which can appeal to modern era Metal music fans.


Here’s a quick tasting from the EP from the video clip of “This Is Our Life”:

So what separates this band from the rest of the bunch? Well usually you can only pack so much Metal groove in 23 minutes, but this is what you get from these Frenchmen whose technicality match that of a seasoned Extreme Metal band!


The vocals on the EP range from deep guttural growls to evil shrieks, reminiscent of a mix of BloodBath with a sprinkle of Black Metal. In most tracks, the “Deathcore” breakdowns simply crawl up on you and do not seem forced, a testament to both the musicianship as well as the natural ability to mix traditional with modern styles.

Here’s another clip, this time for “Unapplied Laws”:

So Quintessence Of Versatility have found themselves on the international radar of Extreme Metal, and it’s not surprising with this 5-song EP which takes Deathcore, shoves it in the face of Metalheads who doubted the genre and tells them “We dare you not to bang your head”.

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