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Guys, feel frightened.

Girls, do not try this at home.

Krysta Cameron (ex Iwrestledabearonce)

Having one of the weirdest band names requires a freak of a vocalist like Krysta Cameron to front all the craziness. I truly believe she wrestled a bear once… and won. The band has a new vocalist now, Courtney LaPlante, who should in theory outroar you as well.

Alissa White Gluz (Arch Enemy)

The second EX member on the list is current Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White Gluz (what happened to Angela Gossow?). She’s so good that she took Angela Gossow’s place. Period.

Maria Brink (In This Moment)

Been roaring since 9 years with In This Moment, Maria Brink is that blonde girl in class who you really should not call “Blondie”… Named Loudwire Music Awards’ 2013 Rock Goddess of the Year, Maria has a lot to show (maybe it’s a pun, maybe it’s not, you call it).


Alexis Brown (Straight Line Stitch)

Alexis might just be the least famous vocalist in this list, but that doesn’t stop her from being kickass. Plus when was the last time you saw a Black female vocalist in Metal music? (just sayin’ it’s cool)


Jo Challen (Mask of Judas)

You know when you look at something really nice but the tag says “Do Not Touch”? That applies to human beings too! Check this video to see why!

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