“Hunny, I Rocked The Bunny” was a fundraising music event organized by Better’fly, the same people who brought you The Christmas Mission, another musical gathering event with charitable goals. This fundraiser was all about getting food to the hungry and poor, an essential goal for an organization called FoodBlessed.

Hunny, I Rocked The Bunny - 14

The event had plenty to offer, here’s a quick overview of it all:

– The Quadrangle was packed with people from all generations – indeed this artistic venue has much to offer for everyone, from their delicious pizza to their draft beer, pool tables and cozy couches!

– The event was hosted by standup comedian Wissam Kamal (a.k.a. The Doctor).

Hunny, I Rocked The Bunny - 6

– 8 bands played different musical styles, from Acoustic radio hits to Classic Rock to American Rock/Blues, Progressive, Metal, Indie and Alternative! Each band had a 35 minute slot and the musicians were from all ages and experiences.

– Pizza was discounted to 10 000 L.L (and they are damn good).

– FoodBlessed sold cupcakes (small and big) and raised awareness to their causes and upcoming events, such as their 3rd Sunday Bake Sale event today!

Hunny, I Rocked The Bunny - 5

(Local Metal Scene Report for those who care) Some Metalheads were spotted at the scene, most notably members from local Metal band Blaakyum. The band’s vocalist Bassem expressed to me his dissatisfaction with the low activity of the Lebanese Metal scene. On the other hand, RockRing / BloodInk member Roy Naufal said that no one knows the size of the “new Metal scene”, that it all depends on the number of the new generation of Metalheads. When asked if RockRing are planning a big local Metal concert, he responded that in order for that to happen, small pub events have to be organized first to figure out if a big-scale event is even feasible.

Hunny, I Rocked The Bunny - 18

All in all, “Hunny, I Rocked The Bunny” was a successful event which proved that the Lebanese music scene has no shortage of bands nor people who like live band performances instead of spending their nights bombarded by loud dance music. Perhaps these charity events aren’t “100% Metal”, but you’ll always find that Metal band in the lineup, proving that Metal music is still alive in Lebanon.

Check out the event’s photo album on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152346012207822.1073741834.118867302821